Why Mobilitars

We all need to accept what happened and what is still happening right now and start dealing with an objective and irrefutable set of elements. By the end of the pandemic Europe will face mournings, unemployment, an economy which needs to be reactivated and citizens who need to find a new psychological balance. The pandemic is mostly hitting people with previous pathologies that cause the collapse of the sanitary systems in many countries. The pandemic-related economic crisis will ask for a radical reconfiguring of citizens’ routines and, among others, of their mobility behaviours too. The latter must enrich and not drain local resources.

Finding a solution is a titanic challenge but, for this reason, incredibly exciting.

Mobility is the operating system that allows humans to run the applications in the urban environment, determining a city’s life and prosperity. This system needs to adapt itself to the great changes that await us from now on to the next decades. In order to face such challenge, we have asked some of the most brilliant minds worldwide (physicians, urban planners, psychologists, philosophers, professors, sociologists, architects, designers, managers, administrators, communicators, sport scientists) to provide us with their knowledge and spread it during a digital symposium that will be held on four consecutive wednesdays, next February 2021. On each Wednesday morning, mobilitARS will present approaches, instruments, solutions and techniques that will allow us to build healthy and resilient cities.


the healthy city

Covid-19 has not only shown how exposed to unknown pathogens our society is, but also that without health there is no wellbeing. For the first time in the last centuries, health has been put on the political agenda before economic development and this gives us the opportunity to reformulate the concept of urban mobility.

The third millenium’s mobility should aim at preserving life by tackling phenomena such as road accidents, air pollution and sedentary lifestyles.

The resilient city

Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity is facing at the beginning of this millennium. Such test can be tackled, on the one hand, by reducing the world population’s carbon footprint and, on the other, by mitigating the effects of global warming – the rise of temperatures, droughts, floods.

Mobility is strictly inter-related with land management (soil sealing and concreting) and with the city’s functions. Climate change shows us everyday that the resilient city needs more trees than asphalt.

The future of the city

mobilitARS is the happening where ideas for an improved and finally sustainable urban mobility will be discussed. The goal is to gather and spread solutions that strike a tangible impact on the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 10, 11 and 13.

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